This extraordinary tale is depicted as an original novel, where fragrant notes replace letters and words…
Every chapter composing this magical tale is revealed through an exceptional perfume that captures a special moment in the founders’ journey as a couple.

The absolute luxury and the unparalleled French “know-how” are reflected in the originality, quality and refinement of each JUL ET MAD fragrance and their packaging.

The Perfume Flacon

A veritable work of art and a long and complex process are required to make and hand finish each flacon, made in France with the clearest and purest glass and decorated by true artisans with un unparalleled “savoir-faire”.

Highly specialized glass decorators, a great amount of time and specifically developed tools to craft each flacon were required to complete the complex and exquisite decoration. After the complete immersion of every bottle in a silver bath, the faces are partially polished to reveal the transparency of the glass and the color of the fragrance. The result is astonishing, the flacon being transformed in a real “jewel”, with its capacity to capture the light, thus sublimating the precious nectar inside.

The collectible silver-plated flacon is crowned by a cap impressing by its weight and quality, its shape reinterpreting in an artistic way the symbol of the brand, in perfect harmony with the overall bottle design. A particular attention was given to its decoration as well. Its top is engraved with the logo symbol, before being immersed in a silver bath: a specific, long and complex process.

A made-to-measure white velvet pouch stamped with the silver logo, was specifically developed to dress and protect the precious flacon, thus adding an additional high-luxury dimension to the object and the offer.

The Nomad Spray

The originality of JUL ET MAD is also expressed by this elegant and stylish accessory that accompanies every perfume flacon, as no other perfume brand proposes such a complete offer.

Presented in a specifically-designed compartment in the perfume case, this rechargeable travel spray, sold filled and ready-to-use, will allow having the favorite perfume on-hand anytime, anywhere.

Great attention was given to the smallest detail in the decoration of this luxurious and indispensable accessory, every Nomad Spray being engraved individually and personalized with the distinctive symbols of the brand.

The Presentation Case

Elegant and refined, the case was conceived as a real jewelry box, specifically designed for the presentation of the precious “Extrait de Parfum”.
Entirely made in natural wood and assembled by hand, this treasure chest was crafted by true artisans specialized in accessories destined to the “haute joaillerie “.

The exterior, in dark gray color leather, is tastefully decorated with the brand symbol and silver silk thread for a perfect and elegant finishing.
The interior is draped with luxurious white velvet, the perfume bottle being presented on a perfectly adjusted hold, to further emphasize its beauty.

A special and discreet compartment is dedicated to the Nomad Perfume, thus contributing to a pleasant surprise effect.

A luxurious white “cloche” outer box protects the leather case, for a sleek, elegant overall presentation. This is also an exclusive design for JUL ET MAD, crafted with the highest quality “soft-touch” creative paper and adorned with hot-stamped silver engravings.

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