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Love has its Perfumes

Everything has started with the magical encounter between two persons on the streets of Paris… An encounter between two cultures, two continents, two passions, two souls… An encounter rapidly transformed in a beautiful « Histoire d’Amour » revealed now through an extraordinary collection of “parfums de créateurs” valorizing the originality, the emotion, the quality.
The couple’s most precious moments are compiled in an original novel, an addictive « mélange » of intrigue, magic, and emotion, each chapter being characterized by an exceptional perfume, true revelation of passion and new sensorial emotions.

Le Luxe à la Française

The excellence, the French “savoir-faire”, an incomparable artistic refinement and the absolute luxury are reunited in a single, exceptional “Haute Parfumerie” house, JUL ET MAD Paris.
Each fragrance of the collection is a veritable “Extrait de Parfum”, the one and only capable of translating the passion animating this extraordinary encounter. The refinement of JUL ET MAD fragrances goes beyond the formulas and their concentrations. The internationally renowned “nez” had absolute freedom to write, with the best quality and most precious raw materials, the purest essentials oils and the most rares absolutes, the chapters of this magical love story. The JUL ET MAD Paris collection is entirely developed “in-house” by the two founders and in tight partnership with French partners specialized in traditional perfumery. Focusing on the renewal with a free and instinctive creativity, the rarity of the raw material and the costs presenting no barrier, they left the mark of their talent and know-how at every creational level, thus offering the unique experience of a “Perfume without compromise”.

Our Couple