Special Thanks

In addition to sharing with us the best of their professionalism and talents, numerous participants on this project became real friends. They accompanied us throughout the conception of this beautiful adventure and we would like to thank them here:

Dorothée Piot : Perfumer.

Thank you to Dorothée Piot from Robertet for offering us all her talent, her creativity, her patience, her implication…
A true artist, she knew how to listen, to interpret, and to rewrite, with the most precious raw materials, the first three chapters of our story…

By a curious coincidence she met a perfumer who gave her the vocation for this captivating job.
She complemented her ISIP degree by working with perfumers and flavourists. These exchanges have enriched her palette and gave her a unique signature. She joined the team of Senior Perfumers at Dragoco, then lived for a year in New York where she opened up other markets before returning to France. In 2010, Dorothée joined the Robertet Team in Paris.
“Natural” for her means being in close contact with materials and products, as well as nature. Her passion is to work these raw materials in order to sublimate them.