Innovation in the world of perfumery :The fragrance, as you have never wore it before

What is it ?

This novelty on the perfumery market, in Eau de Parfum concentration, is a BASE, a primer, which will be sprayed directly on the clean skin, as a preparatory foundation, before applying the favorite perfume.

Why? What are its advantages?

  • Applied as a base, this innovative and original formulation makes your favorite perfume last longer.
  • REVELO is a veritable « screen » between the skin and the perfume, thus avoiding all unpleasant reaction of your pH on your perfume.
  • REVELO « completes » your favorite perfume, making it warmer, more intense and complex in some way.
  • REVELO gives more amplitude, more sillage to any perfume, while accentuating its beauty.
  • REVELO is compatible not only with all JUL ET MAD Paris fragrances, but also with any perfume on the market.

How is it used ?

“REVELO”, to be used without moderation:

  • Alone, as a skin-fragrance, discreet, soft, sophisticated.
  • As a base, underneath all JUL ET MAD Paris fragrances.
  • According to own desire, with any favorite fragrance.

The Accord: MUSK

“REVELO”, the most beautiful and sensual musk revelation. Unisex.

Head Notes: Hedione
Heart Noes: Tonka Beans
Bottom Notes: Musk, Ambroxan

Concentration : Eau de Parfum

Perfumer : Luca Maffei, Atelier Fragranze Milano – Italy


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