The Concept

JUL ET MAD Paris. A beautiful Love story. The love between two people, two souls, two continents, two cultures… : Julien and Madalina.

After sharing their Love Story and their passions through two first Extrait de Parfum collections, “Les Classiques” and “Les WHITE”, the founding couple reveals a completely new “Eaux de Parfum” collection: « Les Essentiels »

Always inspired by the creators’ LOVE – their love for superb raw materials, rare ingredients, pure essential oils – this new opus is composed of olfactory wonders, highlighting a specific note or a precise accord: seven original compositions, of the best quality, exclusively created in collaboration with Master Perfumer Luca Maffei.

What can be more beautiful and obvious than honoring the exceptional ingredients, the very essence of their unique creations, making of JUL ET MAD Paris an authentic “Maison de Haute Parfumerie”!

The Innovation

Classic, but also innovative, “Les Essentiels” is much more than a simple perfume collection. JUL ET MAD Paris reveals, therefore, a new, original concept: the six new fragrances are accompanied by a Perfume Intensifier: REVELO.

An innovative formulation that not only extends the longevity of your perfume, but one that, in addition, gives it more sillage, while accentuating its beauty.
“REVELO”, to be used without moderation: alone, as a soft, second-skin fragrance; as a base under all JUL ET MAD Paris fragrances; or, as desired, combined with any other favorite perfume.

The Perfume Bottle

A veritable work of art and a long and complex process are required to make and hand finish each flacon, made in France with the clearest and purest glass and decorated with specially-designed and hand-posed beautifully imprinted labels.
The flacon is crowned by the same exquisite cap found on all the collection, impressing by its weight and quality. Its shape reinterprets in an artistic way the symbol of the brand, in perfect harmony with the overall bottle design. A particular attention was given to its decoration as well. Its top is engraved with the logo symbol, before being immersed in a silver bath: a specific, long and complex process.

The Outer Packaging

Created in accordance with the luxurious image and high standards of JUL ET MAD Paris, this new collection is also presented in a luxurious, custom-made box in classical design, stylishly and elegantly adorned with silver decorations, engravings and colorful touches, for easy identification of the favorite fragrance.

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