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Babylon and its splendid Hanging Gardens, one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World
Nin-Shar is inspired by the name of a Sumerian goddess, "the Goddess of plants" or "the lady of the gardens" in Babylonian culture to evoke the city's magnificent Hanging Gardens. Constructed by Nebuchadnezzar II, the ruler who gave Babylon its period of greatest fame, the famous gardens were conceived for his beautiful wife, Amytis, to remind her of the green hills and valleys of her homeland, she deeply missed. Although one of the greatest civilizations achieving an unparalleled level of culture and knowledge for the period, Babylon kept a very "severe" trait, its powerful society being built on conquests, expansions, tears and blood and ruled by great warriors.

The Accord: Rose / Oud

This very contrast is evoked in "Nin-Shar". The purest and best quality absolute of Turkish Rose was employed here, revealing a rich, profound, strong, powerful multi-facetted fragrance where soft, comforting, floral, powdery facets, intertwine with strong, green, balsamic, woody, earthy notes, a pure representation of the entire plant, from the soft, floral petals to the green leaves, stem and thorns, and all the way to the roots.

Head : Bergamot, Rose Liquor, Davana Essence
Heart: Turkish Rose Absolute, Jasmin of Egypt, Fraction Patchouli
Bottom : Oud, Benjoin, Bourbon Vanilla, Virginia Cedarwood, Sandalwood, Incense Absolut

Concentration : Extrait de Parfum

Parfumeur : Sidonie Lancesseur, Maison Robertet - Grasse, France